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Documentary      2022       Dir Daniel Draper

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Over three pivotal years in UK politics, Manifesto follows activists in the safest Labour seat in the country as they campaign for change.

The feature length documentary about Walton CLP gives a first-hand account of grassroots community activism, depicting the work and effort that goes into party politics away from Westminster.

The NHS, education, Brexit, the environment and worker's rights are  all on the agenda as members of from Liverpool passionately campaign through Labour's 'For The Many' Manifesto.

Walton is the area officially hit hardest by austerity measures. Foodbanks operate in the shadow of two Premiere League football teams. It is also the former home of director Daniel Draper.

Manifesto captures the under-represented facet of party politics at a vital time in British political history. It captures the peaks and troughs of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party from the coalface. It also gives a vital voice to a working-class community on film.

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Manifesto is the final instalment of the Hope Trilogy - along with Nature of the Beast and The Big Meeting - in a series of films depicting the Labour movement over the last six years.


It is a hopeful film about community activists who believe in collective action, effecting society from the bottom up. Shadowing the CLP members to meetings and protests, the hand-held approach to the film paints an unwavering picture of the hard work of the activists as they campaign on streets and picket lines.

Following its cinema release and community tour, Manifesto is now available on DVD and on demand.

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